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Axion Stabilizer

What makes Axion Stabilizers so unique?

Let's look at the shot process and the role of the stabilizer. A stabilizer (weight forward of the grip) is there to help hold your bow steady through the shot cycle. When you draw a bow back the stabilizer is there to assist you in holding the bow steady at full draw and also to decrease movement (rotation) in the bow through the shot cycle. When you draw the bow back, it stores up potential energy. This stored energy is released when the shot cycle begins and the potential energy shifts into movement, rotation and vibration (noise). If this stored energy is not controlled it forces the bow to move radically during the shot process resulting in poor arrow groups. Using the Axion Stabilizers with weight forward, will oppose rotation and create tighter arrow groups through the shot cycle.

Now we have determined one attribute of the stabilizer: to aid in holding the bow steady at full draw and to decrease movement in the bow through the shot cycle. But there must be more to this thought process than just placing a piece of metal or weight out in front of the bow. That method has been around for decades and it does works very well. However, here at Axion Archery, we didn't want to just copy the old technology, concentrating only on eliminating rotation. We wanted more. We wanted to improve on that technology and build a better product, after all this is the year 2010!


Yes, the stabilizer's role should be to help hold the bow steady and reduce rotation but the stabilizer must also include moving components (force in the opposite direction) that works against and resists torque on the grip while also dampening vibration, decreasing movement and eliminating noise. With this in mind we have developed a revolutionary and fully adjustable stabilizer.

We have incorporated Mathews Harmonic Damper technology into our product. The Mathews Harmonic Dampers along with the Mathews brass Harmonic Stabilizer are purposely tuned to be out of phase with the shot process, and in turn will dampen more than 75% of residual vibration (noise). So because the Axion Stabilizers have moving components, they oppose rotation, eliminate noise and reduce the affect of torque on the bow. The result is tighter arrow groups at short and long distances. We have also added adjustability into our stabilizer. The brass Harmonic Stabilizer and Harmonic Dampers can be tuned to your style or feel. By moving the brass weight and dampers into different positions through the stabilizer, you can fine-tune the stabilizer by moving more weight toward or away from the grip.

And, although we have found that our stabilizers perform well at short lengths, we are offering carbon rods to create longer lengths for even more adjustability and stabilization for target and long range shooting.



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